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Property lawyers solicitors advocaat in Xativa Valencia

We are experts in property purchase.We will represent you from the start and will have the information on every step of the conveyancing process. One of our main objectives is to have excellent communication, a fundamental key for us which must be clear and flow appropriately from the beginning.


Conveyancing Purchase Package

Services included:


*Direct contact with your lawyer

• Checking all relevant registries. 

• Private purchase Contract.

• Investigation and confirmation that the property is legally registered and free of charges.


• Legal report once that the property has been checked. 

• Prepare the Title Deeds and assist you at the Notary’s office. 

• Registering the Title Deed.

• Notifying the town Hall the transfer of ownership, for the payment Rates and Rubbish Tax.

• Notifying the Administrator of the Community, for the payment of community fees. 


Xàtiva Valencia

C/Reina 21 ,1º
TLF. +34 678873844

Blanco abogados Lawyers

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Gonzalo Blanco Lawyer abogado avocat Registration at icaalmeria 2717

High school and University preparation in ESTUDIO in Madrid (1991)

Law Degree in UNIVERSIDAD DE COMPLUTENSE in Madrid  (1998)

Internship in Provento Regenerative ( dealing with wind

energy in Koblenz Germany 2002

Master Property Law Comerce Chamber Guadalajara 2005

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