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About the taxes

Basic reductions in the taxes

Reduction for the acquisition of the main residence of the testator.
Box 27. For acquisitions of the main residence of
the deceased, enter the 95% reduction on the part of the value of the home included in the taxable base, up to a limit of 122,606.47 euros for each taxpayer, when the purchasers are the spouse, ascendants or descendants of the deceased, or a collateral relative over sixty-five years of age who had lived with the deceased during the two years prior to the death. The application of this reduction shall require that the acquisition be maintained during the ten years following the death of the deceased, unless, in turn, the acquirer dies within this period. In the event of non-compliance with the permanence requirement, the part of the tax which has not been paid and interest on late payment shall be payable.

- 90% if the kinship with the contracting party is that of spouse, ascendant or descendant.

- 50% if the relationship is collateral to the second degree.

- 25% when the relationship is collateral to the third or fourth degree.

- 10% when the relationship is collateral to a more distant degree or when there is no relationship at all.

Group I. Acquisitions by descendants and adopted children under the age of twenty-one: 15,956.87 euros, plus 3,990.72 euros for each year under the age of twenty-one that the beneficiary has, without the reduction exceeding 47,858.59 euros.

- Group II. Acquisitions by descendants and adoptees aged 21 or over, spouses, ascendants and adoptive parents: 15,956.87 euros.

- Group III. Acquisitions by collateral relatives of the second and third degree, ascendants and descendants by affinity: 7,993.46 euros.

- Group IV. Acquisitions by collaterals of the fourth degree (cousins), more distant degrees and strangers; no reduction is applicable.

After all the reductions this are the rates


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