Spanish Wills testaments

*Only for assets in Spain
*If you have another will in your country it will be valid.
*Your successor will have us as a contact person to help him/her in the whole process.

It is very advisable to make a Spanish Will or Testament for several reasons

If you have a Spanish Will, this could bring significant time and money saving for the inheritors, for example the inheritor don’t need to wait for the paperwork of the inheritance in your home country.
If you don’t have a Spanish Will the inheritor will have to wait until the official document from your country be received (documentation that will need to be duly legalized or with an apostille and it must be translated by a national public translated). As all this process can take long, you might incur in penalties as in Spain, considering that the deadline to proceed with the inheritance taxes within six months from the date of death.

If you are tax resident in Spain and intestate the inheritance will be applied by Spanish law.
So if you do not want the Spanish law then you should make a Spanish will where you will free to appoint as inheritor the persons or organizations that you choose (according with your country law).

Specific Information

Our legal services are experienced and specialised in the spanish inheritance of international clients.

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