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NIE number (Número de Identidad de Extranjero).The NIE (Número de Identidad de Extranjero) number in Spain is the tax identification number assigned to any foreign citizen to carry out procedures with the Spanish government. Therefore, if you are thinking of investing in Spain – for example, with the purchase of a property or a vehicle – the first step is to obtain the NIE number. 

What is the Golden Visa? The Golden Visa is a permit aimed at those foreigners who are interested in entering Spanish territory in order to make a significant investment of capital, if this is the case, they may request a stay visa or, where appropriate, a residence visa for investors. . The new Law on Entrepreneurs enables foreigners who make an investment in Spain to obtain residence for themselves and their relatives -spouses and minor children-, and without the investors being obliged to remain in Spain for a certain time in order to renew said residence, requesting maintenance of the investment as the only requirement for renewal. Who can get a Golden Visa? The person who can obtain an authorization or visa as an investor is the person who has made a purchase of one or more homes with a total value of 500,000 euros or more. So, this is the main requirement and only those people who have made this investment are the ones who can request the authorization or visa as an investor. One of the things that we must remember is that the CGU, Unit of Large Companies, requires that the purchase of the house be free of charges. What does it mean? That the applicant cannot have used a loan of any kind or a mortgage. If you are thinking of requesting this authorization or a visa as an investor, this is something that you should take into account.

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