We will carry out a detailed study of the property, checking possible debts and hidden liabilities of the property. This will tell you the legal status of the real estate. This study includes a land survey, which covers things like planning permission. Our specialists in conveyancing law will draft the reservation contract and the private contract. They will also prepare the draft of the title deed to be signed before the Public Notary. In addition, they will register the property in the Land Registry. Finally, they will manage all the taxes associated with the purchase. lawyerblanco@yahoo.es

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Purchase Package

*Direct contact with your lawyer

• Checking all relevant registries. 

• Private purchase Contract.

• Investigation and confirmation that the property is legally registered and free of charges. 

• Legal report once that the property has been checked. 

• Prepare the Title Deeds and assist you at the Notary’s office. 

• Registering the Title Deed.

• Notifying the town Hall the transfer of ownership, for the payment Rates and Rubbish Tax.

• Notifying the Administrator of the Community, for the payment of community fees. 

Communication with the client throughout the process in 24h.

Aditional Services not Included in this Package



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